Hands & Foot Treatments

Full Set

Acrylic $35 

Acrylic Color Tip $40 

UV Gel $45 

UV Gel Color Tip $50 

Pink & White $50 

Pink & White + Gel $55 

Solar $45 

Solar + Color Tip $50 

Lacquer $50 

Silk Wrap $45 

Dipping Powder $50 & Up

Dipping Powder without Mani $45 

Dipping with Mani $55 

Dip French $60 

Dip Ombre $65 


Acrylic $30 

UV Gel $40 

Pink & White + Gel $50 

Solar $40 

Lacquer $40 

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure $30 

Pedicure $35 

Manicure & Pedicure $50 

Additional Services

Nail Removal $10 

Nail Art (per nail) $5 

Full Set Nail Art $10 & Up

Polish Change Nail (Nails) $10 

Polish Change + French (Toes) $15 

Cut Nails $2 add

Poly Gel $50 


with Sanitas Products

Tropical Facial $60 

One hour Enhance skin health through physical and molecular stimulation. Sanitas facial provides an ultimate skin experience through simultaneous STIMULATION and NOURISHMENT. The uses of specialized organic masks like Papaya Mask. Tea Tree Mask, Cranberry Mask, and Pumpkin Mask coupled with vitamin enriched treatments help rejuvenate even the most problematic skin. Enjoy the Facial and scalp relaxing massage.

Mini Facial $40 

Thirty-five minutes. A fresh scented facial scrub that manually exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates new tissue growth while delivering nutrients and antioxidants. A hydrating toner minimizes the appearance of pure and softens fine lines and wrinkles. Then a Vitamin Enriched Mask delivers soothing and healing skin nutrients to accelerate healing and minimize the appearance of aging skin. Enjoy the facial relaxing massage.


Extraction(15 Mins): $15


All microdermabrasion treatments include alginate mask, ampoule, extraction, cream mask, and moisturizing. Other areas priced upon consultation.

Face $85 

Face & Neck $105 

Chemical Peels

Alpha Peel $70 

Beta Peel $80 

Jessner's Peel $90 

TCA Peel $70 

Serum $15 

Top Ten Specials for Kids

Manicure & Pedicure

Ages 5 to 9 $35 

Ages 10 to 13 $40 


Ages 5 to 9 $15 

Ages 10 to 13 $20 


Ages 5 to 9 $25 

Ages 10 to 13 $30 


Ages 3 to 8 (Nails or Toes) $5 

Ages 9 to 13 (Nails or Toes) $10 

Permanent Makeup

Certified and insured technician. If you have any questions, please call Amy Nguyen: 303-627-4211
If you have been thinking about permanent makeup, now is the time to try it. You will love the results. Supernatural, and best of all you
"Wake up...Made Up!!!"

Eyeliner Top $120 

Eyeliner Bottom $120 

Eyeliner Complete $230 

Eyebrows $240 

Lip Liner $120 

Full Lip Liner $320 


Eyebrown Microblading $300 

Poly Gel $50 

Manicure & Pedicure Spa

Regular Pedicure $30 

Soak your feet in a vibrating foot spa while the toe-nails are shaped, the dead cuticles removed, and the heels are rubbed with the Callus Remover Includes a massage and your choice of polish.

Deluxe Pedicure $40 

Deluxe Pedicure + Manicure $60 

Pedicure with sea salt to exfoliate your legs and feet. Includes your choice of hot treatment with Paraffin Wax pr cool treatment with a Foot Cooling Mask.

Top Ten Spa Pedicure $55 

Top Ten Spa Pedicure + Manicure $70 

Deluxe pedicure with spa aromatherapy enhancement leaves to soften dead skin and whiten the nails, also includes a special warm lotion massage.


Full Leg $50 

Half Leg $35 

Full Arm $35 

Half Arm $25 

Under Arm $15 

Bikini $25 

Brazilian $40 

Stomach $20 

Cheeks $15 

Eyebrows $10 

Back $40 & Up

Lips $7 

Chin $8 

Hairline $15 

Full Face $40 

Eyelashes Extensions

Full $120 

Fill $60 


Shellac $20 

Shellac Manicure $35 

Shellac Pedicure $45 

Shellac Manicure & Regular Pedicure $60 

Shellac Manicure & Shellac Pedicure $75